[Video] Ricky Freezer (@rickyfreezer) - Powerband (Braap Braap) feat. Phreschemakers

Ricky Freezer is a Hip Hop artist From Indiana
Directed by Ricky Freezer and Angelo Martinez

Filmed and edited by Angelo Martinez for Rhustle films

For booking:

Ricky Freezer: freezenaptown@gmail.com 317-560-6460

Seany D: seanydnap@gmail.com

DJ Topspeed: djtopspeed@gmail.com

Instagram: @rickyfreezer @seanydnap @djtopspeed
Twitter: @rickyfreezer @seanydnap @djtopspeed
Snapchat: @rickyfreezer @seanydnap
Facebook: @rickyfreezer @seanydnap @djtopspeed

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