The Difference between #promoting, #marketing, and #branding. via @IamBreezySays

People often irk me when they call themselves marketers and/or tell me that we do the same thing. I decided that instead of letting it bother me, I just say, I forgive you because you do not know any better. LOL, sorry if that seems a little conceited, but I take pride in what I do for my clients and I work very hard to be labeled as other who do not work as much as I.
Let’s tackle promotions….
A promotion is a marketing technique, but it is simply one step in a long list of steps that make up marketing. Promotions embed activities such as; advertising, direct selling, or many of the other forms of selling. There is no huge planning in promotions, you just gather the product and tell potential consumers to purchase the product at hand.
Now we have marketing…
Marketing is a tactical procedure which has to factor in various elements. A person that puts together marketing campaigns has to not only know the product, but they have to know competitors’ products. A marketing campaign analysis the conditions in which to sell the product, they have to figure out ways in which that product will stand out and proceed to show consumers this in a way that generates sales/profits/visibility.
Promoting vs. Marketing
You can promote a product various ways. However, who you promote the product to, what about the product you emphasize, and why your prospects would even want your product is what marketing is all about. A person can be a great promoter, but if they are projecting their pitch to the wrong audience than all that will be for nothing.
Lastly we get into branding…
Branding is all about your strategy. The biggest difference between marketing and branding is that branding emphasis the benefits of your product without telling someone to purchase it. Basically, you highlight all of your attributes and if done correctly the consumer will in turn purchase the product because it is the better option.
Marketing vs. Branding
Marketing is all about push; you push your product on the consumer and generate sales. Whereas, branding is all about pull, the consumer is pulled in by your product and that also will generate sales. There are brands, such as Rolls Royce that does not advertise their product…why??? The brand is so strong and generates enough profit because the value of the product is already known.

When choosing a company to push your product or brand, please understand these differences and know what you are getting. For more information, feel free to contact us…WE ARE Breezy Says MARKETING Group.


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