Fathers and Baby Daddies

Saturday July 24,2010
This blog came at the request of one of my readers. This subject touches many families currently. People tend to say, “Kids today do this and kids today do that,” but you know what this issue has been around for generations and generations. The difference is that in today’s society we accept it. Listen a father is the man that is there for you from day 1 until the end. A father does not necessarily have to be present in physical form, but in every other sense. Financial support is not the only thing that separates a father from a baby daddy. Last, but not, least a father does not have to be biologically responsible for you.

Men nowadays and women tend to make these terms (baby mama and baby daddy) something glamorous, but it is not. In reality, this will be one of the downfalls of our society and social structure. Kids look up to athletes, rappers, and everyone else but whom they should. They talk to each other about serious issues and problems. These kids are growing and experiencing life is at an extremely faster pace then before. We can not blame them when they murder at 8 years old, rape at 12, and sell drugs at 13 (some do these things at even younger ages).

Women need to understand a man does not have to be with you to raise their children. Do not use kids as a financial gain, relationship security tactic, or any other form of asset to you. If you have a child and the relationship does not work, it is not the child’s fault. They do not call you and say ‘hey I want to be born in 9 months ok.” When that man is fighting to be a good dad and a part of the child’s life please let them. We as the grown-ups need to start acting like it or accepting the fact that kids are going to be rude, grown, and cursing you out at 5.

Not everyone is at fault with this issue. There are a few examples of good men and women out their. The ones that do everything they can to make sure they out the child’s interest at number one. We have some men and women that just step up and do it on their own, because they do not have a choice. To these parents we all need to give respect. It is not easy being an adult, we wish we could go back to a time where we did not have bills and responsibilities, but we cannot. If everyone joins and thinks about what they can personally do to make situations better as a whole we will make a difference. All your daily actions will bring consequences, good or bad. Tomorrow is only a day away and then it becomes yesterday before you know it!


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