I’m Alone, now what??????

Friday July 23,2010

There are so many people out here that are unhappily single and at the same time some are unhappily in a relationship. Listen there is one thing people need to know about linking up with someone, it is hard work. The reason why most relationships fail is because people jump into them without taking the necessary steps first. I have been single for 7 years…mind you I said single, not alone. There is a big difference between the two. During this time I have played the field. I have had one-night stands, usual cutt buddies, and dated other peoples boyfriends. The good thing that came out of this was more understanding. I will try to explain things the best I can for women and men.
Ladies, please read carefully SELF-ESTEEM. We women tend to let others tell us what we are worth. We tend to believe the lies given to us by other people. It does not matter if you are a size 2 or 22, you have to be happy with yourself. How? Well, live your life according to what makes you happy. Society will always be what it is, but if you are happy (truly happy) it will not matter. When we are happy and achieving our own goals, men will be attracted. There is nothing more sexy than a woman that knows who she is, what she wants, and where she is going. Do not let someone treat you like you are unimportant…know what you are worth and do not let someone else tell you otherwise.
Gentlemen, what is lacking is easy, communication! When you meet a woman just be honest. If all you are looking for is someone to shot the shit with and roll in bed with, let that be known. Do not pretend like you are ready to be locked down, when you are not. Cheating is not necessary and honest is a necessity. A woman can deal with so much, but being taken for an idiot is definitely not one of them. In my experience, women always know when their men are cheating (some ignore it, some will wait till they catch you and some walk away). Most women though do not feel like the cheating hurts as much as the lies.
Now the reason I said that I was single and not alone has a couple of reasons:
1. I know how to enjoy my freedom with my family and friends.
2. I have certain things I want to accomplish as an individual before I add someone to my life
3. I am just not ready to settle down
We all have phases in our lives, there is no reason to jump from one to the next. If you just left a relationship do not be so quick to jump into another. It is ok to be single, it’s the feeling that we are alone that hurts. We have friends, family, work, school, and many other things that go around in our day-to-day life that helps us not feel alone. Take your “single time” and work on you, do the things you can not do when in a relationship and who knows you might actually find yourself in one.

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