change is the only thing constant

Thursday July 22,2010
We should not fear change. Change can bring about good things. Years ago the only video game around was Atari and now we have PS3's, XBOX360, and so on. There was a time when all a cell phone did was allow you to converse and now we can have video-conferences, text message, and navigate the web...and as a matter of fact, the internet, wow! Talk about a change...Now why do people feel so pressured to stay the same, do the same thing, go to the same places, and have the same knowledge? The world is huge, we have to allow ourselves the freedom to let change in. We do not have to follow, we can lead. One way we can change the world is by starting small and changing ourselves, let us not conform to what is cool or socially the norm. Let us allow ourselves to grow more than our parents, friends, and communities. Just because you grew-up a certain way does not mean you have to die this way. If you feel like you want to be something, do something, or be somebody believe in you and know that you can...President Obama did! Speaking of, people please understand we have to work hard to achieve our goals. You can not just sit at home, work on a game plan, but fail to excute your plan. Michael Jordan did not become the greatest by just wanting it, he believed in himself, even when others did not. Believe in yourself, do not be afraid to go after what you want, and change the ending of your life's story.

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