Trust Issues in Business

This dude on the left is one of my Team BiggaRankin / Cool Runnings Djs brothers, @djheadbussa. The reason why I used his photo is because he is the inspiration behind my post today. He and I usually talk and share business stories, both good and bad. We recently were discussing the fact that in our business many people want to do it by themselves, but I realzied that this is the case in EVERY business, unless you are hired. If you are opening a business or chasing a dream, then you will understand why I am saying this. The problem is that doing things by ourselves sometimes will not get the result what is the solution?

The solution is TEAMWORK. Simple, right? Well, not so much. In every business you have the good, the bad, and the fakers. It's easy to see the bad, they are the first people you can figure out because they have done so many wrong things, their name is no good. You will notice they flip-flop affiliations and mostly stay in the same spot for years, no growth. They are not really the people that mess things up the most. The people that mostly mess things up for everyone are the fakers. The reason why is because the fakers can easily blend in within the business. They either are always pointing out the bad people, because if they can get you to look at those, you won't see them. Another thing they do is undercharge, that way when you feel and see lack of results you won't feel so taken by them. So what does one person do???

The best thing any person can do is fact check. Look at who they deal with, check and see the results they have been able to provide. If we can be patient enough and ask the right questions then just maybe we will find the few good ones around. Once you have found the good ones, than you need to do what you can to keep them on your team. There may be the financial issue stopping you, but quality is almost always NOT the CHEAP option. Do not think you have to go at it alone, what you have to do is be patient and do things correctly. The internet has helped us in the research department, and no I don't mean FACEBOOK and TWITTER them. I mean google check, go to databases, whatever industry you are in, you can find a plethora of information. Do Not be lazy when it comes to bulding connections, because once again the smoke will hide the truth.

I dedicate this to my wonderful team!!! All the Breezy Babies and of course Team Bigga Rankin / Cool Running Djs
Ms. Breezy


Staff said...

I would agree "teamwork" is the key if the whole team has the same goals. but if you have a team all wanting to be the star or shine, then its almost impossible to want to help each other in fear of your shine being stolen.. when you put a bunch of players on a team and there all superstars doing there own thing to become the player of the year its hard to tell them to help another player work out to get better. As far as the "fakers"... we need them in the game, without bumps in the road and learning experiences we couldnt grow and expand our minds.. nothing easy is worth having.. we are all humans, we all make mistakes, some learn and grow, some dont. just my thoughts on your great article. keep up the good work.

Breezy Says said...

@staff I agree with everything you said...all these entities are needed and that is why they will always exist. Thank you for you taking time out to read and providing a comment :)

imagiin360 said...

You know why this comes at a wonderful time for me =). I really can appreciate this post and most definitely feel it is one of this things we will consistently deal with; and TEAMWORK coupled with transparency is definitely a great solution where we can find those GEMS for people that help us make ACTUAL PROGRESS that provides longevity in business. Thank you for this.... :)