Why you do that?

As I sit here and think of my week, I realize that every Sunday I dedicate it to listening to music and research. I watch videos, I read articles, and I have come to some conclusions. There are some really successful people that many claim to dislike or consider to be untalented. I often wonder, why are they so successful if all these people dislike them? Their are various reasons that would be acceptable as to why they are successful.

I came up with these seemingly easy and acceptable answers as to why they're successful. One could be the fact that I don't know the majority of the people in this world O.o. Two they invested or had a lot of money invested into their product. Three they worked 100x harder than a person with considerably more talent then them. These are my top three choices, you might have a top three that is completely different from mine. As you can tell the path to success is different for everyone. Now all the so-called killers of specific industry share one trait that I see. So what could that be?

During my analysis I noticed and am also a product of this fact. Most people who are successful at their career choice LOVE what they do. Isn't that weird???  Well, really it's not. I grew up hearing that "when you work doing what you love, it doesn't feel like work." That doesn't mean that we don't get tired, or go through motivating occurrences. It just means that we want to continue doing it regardless of this fact. A few of my clients tell me they can see that I enjoy what I do and it makes them feel at ease paying me.

My whole purpose of writing this piece is to let you know, that it's ok to chose a path that you enjoy and love.

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