Sabrina Martins is the outspoken and well oriented personality behind the Breezy Says Marketing Group. Before her journey into the world of promotions Sabrina extended her education at Hillsborough Community College and received an Associate’s degree in Business, she also holds a degree in Theology. Sabrina Martins was also the CEO of Manny Pavers, a construction business that lasted for 8 years in the greater Tampa Bay area and has reopened as of August 2012 thanks to customer demand.
With a great track record under her belt and no setbacks, Sabrina Martins is constantly pushing forward combining her knowledge in music, business, and public relations, continuing to acquire stronger clients and attract solid followers to her online networks. When it comes to marketing and finding ways to make it happen for her potential customers, she is constantly on the move making her brand visible to numerous amounts of online communities.
Sabrina Martins launched Breezy Says ( January 1st, 2011, which initially started off as a day to day blog, then in February it progress with the addition of the Breezy Says online radio show (, features a different show Mon-Fri 9pm-11pm est., and has interviews from many different personalities in the entertainment industry and more. In 2013, Breezy Says Radio won a Diamond Award for Best Online Radio and is over 70,000 listeners strong and has received a nomination for Online DJ (2 Beige Bitches) for a Best In Florida Award 2014. (winner TBA)
Sabrina Martins chose this profession because of a passion and personality that allows her to naturally interact with people from various walks of life. The Breezy Says brand became a part of Team Bigga Rankin in the fall of 2011, was accepted into the Core DJs coalition in 2013, and also became sponsored by Good Times Tobacco in 2013. Breezy Says Marketing Group won a Diamond Award for Best in 2013 and Sabrina won Woman of the Year in 2014. Sabrina also won the FL- Social Media (Entertainment) Hustler OTY for a Best in Florida Award 2014. The acquisition of the newly found contacts and brothers/sisters in business gave her the needed inspiration, knowledge, and support that she needed to make great strides in what many consider a very short period of time. The grind is relentless, she under promises, but over delivers because she is always connecting with new people and researching innovative ways to market her clients, not only in their target market but worldwide. The business slogan is “Why go Local, when we can get you GLOBAL” sets the bar high and that is what she aims for with every campaign, every release, and every client.

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