Today's Youth or is it???

Every generation that gets older likes to talk down to the generation younger than them, as many of you may know yesterday a video of a 14 year old girl engaging in sexual activity went viral on the internet. There were people everywhere in the world reposting and talking about this CHILD. I refused to watch the video and spoke against the reposting of it. There were a lot of MEN and WOMEN (not kids) perpetuating this foolishness. I cannot speak for anybody else's school days, but at the middle school that I attended there were females getting pregnant and during high school we even had a chick who became known as portable girl.

I shared all this with you to say that kids nowadays or no worse than when I was in high school, which was 10 years again. I was one of the more reserved ones, no lie...ask any of my former school mates. Even though I was not into the having boyfriends week in and week out, I still got pregnant during my senior year. It was not due to lack of parenting and it was not because I was a freak. I was a young girl in love and made a poor judgement call. In my opinion, we as adults need to understand that we were once that age, even though you might have been one of the "good kids" you probably knew what crazy and wild things were going on at your campus.

The reason why things get blown out of proportion is because in today's society the youth have access to the internet. They have camera phones and a lot more advances. I remember my teacher going stupid on me because I had a walkman in school. I was not listening to it during class, but in my days teachers actually kept electronics out of our hands. Now I see parents giving kids cell phones at the age of 8. Seriously I will not tell someone what good parenting is, because quite frankly....them your damn kids. The thing about it is, along with all this newfound advances I do not see higher responsibility and/or accountability from the adults.

I do not blame the youth and say they are any worse than my generation. What I do say is parents need to do double the work, at an earlier age. WHY? Well either you teach your kids or that damn cell phone with internet, facebook, twitter, MTV, BET, VH1, or hell BreezySays will. Once again, I am not saying you are doing a bad job, I think some of us are failing at equipping kids with the necessary education because they are young. Sorry to be a party-pooper, but if you do not realize that the world is moving faster, due to information (including the bad ones) being readily available than you will seem baffled by the mess.

Message of the day is: Stop blaiming the new generation, when we are the ones responsible for educating them properly.
Ms.Breezy (I normally don't ask, but please repost this and make this information land in the computers around the globe)


Anonymous said...

This is a great read indeed. I like the part where you spoke about all the technology raising our youth, and the negative info that it puts out.

Cassandra Smith said...

i did hav this on my mind since i read about it on here...evrythng u mentioned is true n i honestly feel bad for the girl n i hope she can recover from the 'torture' she will now face becuz she made that u said if we took a closer look at how we raise our kids they wont be puttin themselves out there lik that...

Precious Swain said...

It is crazy the truth is that no there is not a huge difference I am older than you and there were loose girls in school then bu really it is not that they are loose it is the experimental stage that everyone goes thru in life some get into sex, some drugs, some gang life some all of the above I didnt see the video and if it came in my 3k emails i missed it but it is funny that everyone is so quick to spread negative can we get a viral movement behind the 14yr old girl that is on the honor roll?? Or the 14 yr old girl that had graduated high school early ??So speechless just smh