Push back

It seems like we get to a point of no return with certain situations. I am one of those people that does not like to complain. I also do not like people to feel like I am not doing my job. Well I am at the point where I have gotten upset over things, so what do I do? Do I start cursing and making others feel bad? Do I walk away from the situations and hope they fix themselves? No, these are no longer options for me. This is what I would do if I didn't stop and think it over.

The correct thing to do when we feel others are not seeing eye-to-eye with us is to have a conversation first. Luckily I have people I can count on to talk to me and help me gather my thoughts, this helps me organize myself better. Yesterday for me was a hard day, I almost ended 2 relationships, because of feeling like people are not working with me, but trying to push me while they stand still. Well, I am going to push them back. Either we work together for a common goal or you get the hell out of my way. I refuse to allow someone make me feel like I am not doing every and any thing I can to move ahead. When someone pushes you to grow, but they don't grow themselves....push back, when they still don't act....walk away!!!!

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