Let them talk

Today will be a real eff it friday post babes. I want to tell you to stop worrying about what the people say about you. WHY????? People will always talk, but if you don't acknowledge it then it doesn't slow you down. I know I have people on both sides of the fence about BreezySays and that's ok. If you stop doing to acknowledge the mess, you are giving them exactly what you want. If you can lay down at night and be ok with your decisions, progress, and moves than that is what matters. I am happy with what moves I have been making, I am happy with the relationships I let go off and the ones that opened up for me. I have been single for over one year and for this last year I have slowly been building a wonderful feeling of fulfillment, which means that when I said we have to be complete with ourselves before adding I was still not complete myself. Being 100% honest with my readers, I still am not sure that I have reached the ultimate level, but looking back over this year I am proud mf ME.

Are you proud of you? When you look in the mirror what do you think? At the end of the day sweetie that is what matters. Can you live with your choices and decisions? Hell, I made some real dumb moves and bad decisions in my life, but sitting and being upset over it won't get me anywhere. What I told myself is that I will not give an ear to any negative comments, I am just going to put in work. In doing so, I have been able to grow and my eff it meter is at an ultimate high. If you don't like me, if you talk bad about me, if you wish to see my failure....all I say is eff it and keep working. As long as you waste energy on somebody that does not care, you are not spending it on giving them more not to care about.

Guess what BreezySays is a blog....BreezySays is a radio show....BreezySays has fans.........the list goes on babe, why??? The BreezySays team is just growing. Hell we have our bad moments and don't always see eye-to-eye, but at the end of the day this year's accomplishments have been tremendous and we still have projects in the works. Stay tuned and get to moving on your to-do list. Have a great weekend loves, God-willing I will be back Monday!!!!

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