Why are you doing ME???

Today I am going to talk about a few issues that have been erking me over the weekend. I truly cannot stand to feel as if people who are supposed to be working with me show signs of opposition. One of the things we must all do while working as a team is communicate with each other. No matter how small or silly it may seem, communicate your moves. My team at times has no idea what we are doing on the show or what guest is coming by and I tell them I post it on the site everyday, why don't you visit? I hear well I have a job and that to me is a cop out because it takes 2 minutes to come here and look at the on-air post, but teamwork is about finding solutions, so I am in the process of creating a calendar that will send out daily updates right to their phone. That is what we must do to make sure everyone is on point.

Another important factor of teamwork is delegation. Do you understand what that means? Delegation simply means everyone has their part on the team and responsibilities. Let's illustrate this....if I am playing football and I am the field goal kicker I am not going to run out and decide that I want to play quarterback or lineman today. This is not what I was brought into the game for and I may just mess up the dynamics of my team. If I have an excellent quarterback and I invest time into finding a kicker that is great also, I do not want them to start messing up our team by stepping over each others areas. If a person has a certain task to do and they perfect that task and have FREE time on their hands to help another team member that is struggling, by all means get to it. The problem occurs when people stop focusing on one thing and try to do another, when the person responsible for that is doing a great job.

Lastly, in a team we must understand that when one person shines it will reflect back on the entire unit as a whole. My team has a few different people and we all have and play different roles. I do a lot online because currently this is my full-time gig, this is my baby, and this was my creation. When I started BreezySays it was solely BREEZY, so it should make sense that I am more in peoples face. The thing about that is I have Ms.Mimi who goes to live events, I have Poochi that does her job...So now when people say BreezySays it is a team and not just me, we will all look dumb for the mistakes each make, but we will all look good for moving ahead. The quote "there is no I in team" to me is incorrect, WHY? Well, you are an individual and so am I, if you handle your part and play your part and I do the same for mine then the whole team will move forward. So let's refresh the three most important things in a team:
1. Communicate
2. Delegate
3. If I do my part correctly and get a little recognition it will reflect on us as a whole, do your part and you will be recognized as well.

I am not saying this is the only way to operate within a team...What I am saying is that this is how I see a team becoming successful. If I help you get to the top and you pull me up, we all make it. The thing is everyone on the team has to feel and understand this simple concept or else you may as well start doing things solo from today on. Not everyone wants to be a part of a team dynamic and that's ok, you don't have to be. The thing is you should not pretend to like it, while sabotaging the unit as a whole. Welcome to Monday my loves and lets strive for a great week!!!
Ms. Breezy

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