What time is it????

Today is all about time and in the time it takes you to read this post, that is time that you cannot get back. That thought is why I keep my posts on point and to a certain degree of ease for everyone to comprehend. Time does not wait for you, time does not rewind for you. I will say this though, please take your time and make better decisions, but don't waste your time on the things that are unbeneficial. I can calculate a lot of time wasted and it really scares me. I am going to keep leave today's post at that. The homework for this weekend is to look back and see how much time we wasted. I do a lot of reflection weekend homework assignments, because the weekend should be a time where you prepare yourself to go harder the following week. I have no days off, I may take a weekend off here and there, but I feel like I have wasted time to make up for. Whatever you do be cautious and do not allow your time to be wasted, because as you and I both know we can never rewind time.

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