Pay Attention

There are so many people out here being taken advantage of because of their own laziness. I am now in a position where I can do a lot of research and fact-checking, which means I know of many inconsistent business people and companies out there. There are many occurrences where I will give someone a chance to prove what I found, heard, and seen was a rare issue, but more than less, they show me that what has happened is actual habit.

The thing we must remember is most people tend to overinflate what they can do and leave out the “facts.” The problem we get ourselves into is assuming that people are truthful or we allow ourselves to be blinded by the big words and cosigners. Now what one must do is pay attention and follow our instincts, if it acts like a duck, talks like a duck, and so on…guess what baby??? It’s not a cow!!! All I am saying is instead of diving into what we “think” things are, take a day or two and do some fact-checking because you must look out for you.

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