Do It Yourself

There are a few things in my business that I have to outsource because I don't know how to do it. Well I have figured out that this can be a great thing and a terrible thing depending on what you have going on. The great thing about it is that you can delegate and not be so overflowed with different things on your plate. The negative is that you are waiting on others to do something for you. What I concluded is that I should learn how to do things by myself. Now because I don't trust anyone else to do a good job, but it is because I don't like to work off of someone else schedule. People (and this includes you) are always going through things that we are not on-top of, so by us putting weight on top of them it makes it difficult for things to get done in a timely fashion. My suggestion and it is what I am doing is, try to learn everything you will possible need to move forward in your business...that way if your go-to person/company has some unknown problems come up it won't slow you down because you can always do it yourself. Today is the day I start a new course in my educational pursuits. This isn't a course I "NEED" because it is for a program that a lot of people offer, but I want to be able to have some sort of knowledge on what it takes to do it. Please don't get me wrong in thinking that I am going against teamwork because I believe highly in teamwork, what I am saying is....there are times in which your team is going to be busy, so you just need to prepare yourself for these instances.

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