I need space!!!!

For some odd reason when people hear these three words they start to feel a certain way. They feel as if this is a major issue, but I don't see it as a problem. When you hear these words you need to think and know that the person asking for it simply is trying to either focus more on themselves, work on the friendship/relationship, or they need to just breathe a little and feel cluttered. I don't mind giving people the necessary space needed because I know for a fact they will recuperate and come back better than ever or they will break away and flourish. What I do is make myself busy, so that their absence does not slow me down. I have artists that I represent and they asked me what happened that I am starting to be a little short and I felt a little bad, but the reason why I am is because I am doing a lot of research lately. The reason for my research is because I want to be able to do the most I can for my clients. When you give someone a certain power over you they sometimes can slow you down.

The thought for today is when someone asks for space don't be hesitate on giving it to them because it may be necessary for the growth of your relationship and ultimately your own personal growth.

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