Deaf Ears

Have you ever noticed when certain people complain, but instead of complaining to the right person they go to everyone else? These people often wonder why things don't change....well newsflash!!!! Your complaints are falling on deaf ears. If we have an issue with someone and beat around the bush about having "the talk" that person will never truly know how you feel. The major downfall of doing this is also the factor that nobody ever "delivers" a message properly. There is a possibility that the will pass on your message, but 9 x out of 10 it will either be cut short or they will add things you never wanted into your message.

I have a tendency to hold a lot in, not because I am scared of someone's reaction, but because I have a brutal way of speaking at times. What I do is wait until I have gathered up my words properly and then I talk to that person. I don't really care what people do that aren't in my circle, so their nonsense I bypass...why??? The reason is, if they don't add to my life, I certainly will not give them the room, opportunity or chance to take away from it. The lesson for today is a two-for-one...

1) When you have a complaint about a person, speak with that person and share your views with them. Speaking to third-parties almost never will get it done.
2) Stop allowing people who do not add anything to your life to take anything away.

Remember these two points, because they will help you succeed in business and personal relationships. Happy Tuesday babes!!!

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