Why should I push you?

The worst thing I come across in my area of business is people who expect you to carry them. I am not talking about my team, but actual potential customers. They think because I deal with many indie artists that I should give away my services. WHY would I do that? The only thing I can do for them is make things affordable, over payment plans, and work with their budget. I do provide ways in which this artists can get free or low-priced services, but what makes no sense to me is that they refuse to go after it. That makes me not feel one ounce of remorse for not doing more. I created an email sign-up form in which I randomly select one email per week to get free ask me if they sign-up. Now we have the Singled Out contest in which the consolation prize is worth more than they entry fee and yet they are still slow to move.

Saying all this I have promoted some artists who are not that ready to go to the next level, but these same artists are hungry and go after their dreams. Those few I will do what I can to help and work with. I don't care what anyone tells me, I know I chase my goals and I am willing to push those who chase theirs. Are you doing everything you can to achieve your goals, or are you waiting for someone to push you? Monday's question to the readers is "Why should I push you, if you refuse to push yourself?"
Ms. Breezy

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