Believe it or Not!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday July 25, 2010
Do you think you can? Do you doubt yourself? Listen when you realize you are your biggest product, than things will go better. Think of yourself as merchandise. You have to sell who you are and what you are to the highest bidder. If you know what your product, (you) are worth than you will not settle for less. If you believe in yourself, you can make anything happen.
Life and people will always try to convince you that you are worthless, but if you know, you are not than they cannot and will not win. Know your strengths; do not set yourself up for failure. We all have areas that we lake in! Why do I know that? Nobody is perfect. Nobody walking on this Earth is! The thing that separates the people that do and the people that do not achieve greatness is the people that achieve get up and go after it.
Picture this you are sitting at home and you turn on the TV and you see musicians, athletes, CEO’s, doctors, etc. do you think these people just woke up and became what they are in one day? No! They prepared themselves for this, the trained for it, but first they believed they could do it. Whatever you feel you want to go in life, you can! The doors are there, but there are always obstacles and you have to open these doors. In life, we have the necessary tools to achieve greatness. We have schools, teachers, parents, and many more tools that are useful at our grasp, but if you do not reach for it and claim it as yours, another person will. While you are sitting there and talking about doing something and making a change, someone has already walked into the doors of opportunity. Also, do not wait for someone to come with you. If you have a plan and it involves bringing someone else along, but that person is not ready…leave him or her behind or else both of you will just look at each other until the end of time. People sometimes want to see action out of you, so that they can believe you are truly serious about what you are going to do.
The power is in your hands…you can believe it or not, but this is not Ripley’s.

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