Monday July 26, 2010
It is 2010 and people still have not gotten with the program. People are still intolerant to others. People judge others because of religion, race, disabilities, education, class, etc. Now this is terrible and we must battle this everyday. What we need to understand is that we are all different. The areas in which one person lacks another might excel in. Do you know why? Well the reason is our differences. If we were all the same and thought the exact same way society would be so boring.
We must try to understand one another. You do not have to agree with everything a person does or is, but to judge or hate them because of these differences is selling yourself short. You learn many things from other people’s differences. We might be scared at first, but the thing that separates us is sometimes exactly, what we need in our lives. The same-old-same is sometimes boring. We all walk a different path, but if you end up going down a path, that someone else has already gone through, and then they have the knowledge to direct you.
Think about life and learn all you can. Respect others and grow together. Let go of old thoughts, this is a new time enjoy it!

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