Don't Wait

Tuesday July 27, 2010
The early bird catches the worm. Today I started my day off differently from every other say. I woke up, ate breakfast, got my son ready, and took him to soccer practice. Now the next part is what I did differently. Instead of sitting there and watching him practice for an hour, I went to the gym. Usually I say I will go to the gym tomorrow, then tomorrow comes and I do not go. Today I did not allow myself to make-up excuses. I went and worked out for 1 hour.
This is not the biggest acheivement in the world. I used this story to serve as an example. We all have things in our lives that we wish to accomplish. You might want to start a company, or eat healthier, or many other things that is in your head to do. What is stopping you? What excuses are you giving yourself? We sometimes are the sole reason why we do not move forward with our lives. I would like you to try an excercise with me. I am going to give you the steps into accomplishing your goals.
1. get out a sheet of paper
2. on the very top, write in BIG LETTERS your ultimate goal (finish school, workout, or whatever it is you want to accomplish)
3. list the necessary steps you have to take in order to achieve that goal.
4. post that list somewhere you look everyday
5. try to cross something off that list asap (depending on yor goal you can cross things off daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etcccc)
6. everytime you are able to cross something off, celebrate that acheivement (this way you will stay motivated and your goal will seem closer than before)
If you try your hardest and follow these steps, you will see how much closer you are to achieving your goals in life.

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