Tuesday August 3, 2010
This blog is based on an advice request I received. This young lady is dating and wanted to know what she should do. Her question was my friends want to go out and so do I, but my boyfriend is working and told me he did not want me to go, what should I do?
Now I feel that the first thing people need to understand about relationships is that they are 50/50. If you want something, you have to give something. Now if you were single than yes go out with your friends and have a good time, but you made the decision to get involved with someone and these means that you should consider what that person is asking of you.
If you go than there will be some kind of issue, small or big. Why create trouble for your relationship? I believe there will be times in which you ask your significant others not to do a certain thing and if you never bend, they will not either. People need to understand that it takes work to make relationships last and if we can minimize the arguments and misunderstandings, the chances of staying together will be greater.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with your advise 100%. If your serious about the relationship then you wouldn't do anything to jeperdise it. My boyfriend and I worked so hard in the beginning to stay together and (going on 5 yrs later) we are so happy & have cut out a lot of things & PEOPLE who caused arguments in or relationship. I'm not saying don't do out, I'm just saying pick your battles- go out when you both think it's okay. He might not want you to go with those specific friends for a reason... Ijs