Ms. Breezy (@IamBreezySays) thoughts on Rick Ross (@RickyRozay) / GD issues

Well as any hip hop fan out there you should be well aware of the issues surrounding Rick Ross and Gangster Disciples. If not, here is one of the videos.

Now the problem here is someone who does not live that lifestlye and clearly disrespected people who do. I do not condone gang activity, but I damn sure do not condone people acting as if they are affiliated and are not. One thing I learned in my life is that, if you do not want problems, do not go looking for it. These people had conversations with him and let him know there would be reprecussions, he chose to carry on.

This situation to me has gone on for so long that now the Gangster Discples are hitting Rick Ross where it hurts, his pockets. Do I think it's cool to do all these videos and issue this threats...NO! Do I understand why it's happening, YES!!! I hate that this is happening and I hope they come to an agreement and squash the issue before blood is shed. Sad case in FANTASY (Hip Hop / Entertainment) and REAL LIFE.

Another thing I dislike is how people act as if Rick Ross should be ashamed of his past as a Corrections Officer. I think it's awesome to have a legal way of getting money and I can differentiate between his life and his music. I really do not understand why Hip Hop has this "YOU have to be "REAL" to Rap...It's so many fake artists out, that I can't count on one hand. Do I dislike them? NO! As writers, we can write fiction or non-fiction, most of hip hop is fiction. Rented cars, fake dope houses, and boosted up street cred. I do not think it was wise though for him to disrespect an entity that is truly about that life. O well, these are my thoughts on the topic at hand. What you say?

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