Rob Kardashian (@RobKardashian) spills details on Rita Ora (@RitaOra) ...Or DID HE???

Well the bloggersphere is going ham on this story...As you can tell from the tweets, Mr Rob Kardashian got a little in his feelings about a female who cheated on him with over 20 dudes. Now y'all know good and well, if they don't @ (mention, for my babes who don't tweet) your name, than it's not real. LMFAO!!! UMMMM I'm not about to make an Ass out of U and ME (ASSUME) and say it is about RITA, but that's the word around these skreets. My thought on this is, for real dude, after 2 you shouldn't call it cheating. That just means you had community tunechi. Rita seems not phased cause all she tweeting about is her career. In the words of my big bro JT Money, "Hoe problems ain't no problems"... Rob just move on baby.

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