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When I first got started in marketing/promotions it was in a very different area. Many years ago, I did marketing and promotions for a non-profit organization, but even they knew it took DONATIONS to help their organizations continue. The moment I decided to concentrate in the music industry, I knew it would take money…because anytime you want to be an entrepreneur or are working towards the goal to make money, it will take certain investments. As things got moving I became baffled by the amount of DREAMCHASERS asking me for SUPPORT.

I don’t understand why in an industry that makes billions and the fact that these artists are in it with the ultimate goal of making money, do they think people will give them a free ride. Artists please understand that even though this is a dream of yours, the REALITY is nothing will be given to you. If someone gives you something, please know their intent is to get that back plus interest. If you are not aware yet, a record deal is nothing more than a loan. That is why labels seek SOLID investments; they want artists whom are already generating income. WHY??? Well, I am going to give you this ADVANCE, because I have calculated how long it will take you to pay me back AND how much more I will make by investing in you.

The greatest mistake some of you make is thinking DJS, Publicists, Marketers, Graphics, or anything else you may need is supposed to give you support. We are businesses, well SOME are! Keep in mind that some of us have to pay taxes and we also invest in ourselves, PLUS the light company will not show us love, so if we support everyone and their dreams we will be homeless. Everyone has a dream, but when you start going AFTER that dream it becomes a goal. Be smart about it and create a BUSINESS plan for yourselves. This industry, regardless of what you tell yourself is a business and running around acting like people owe you something because you have talent is pointless…know why??? There are MANY with talent, the difference is how you push that talent and chase your goals. Stop crying about how watered down the majors are, there are INDIE artists out there that make MONEY! I can guarantee you that they invest in their success though.

Breezy’s goal is to be a successful marketer, so when you ask me for support, I will ask you for a payment. Trust me, we both win…I provide you with great service and you provide me with a check. #WINNING

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