#BreakingNEWS: Tony Neal (@IamTonyNeal) gets named on The Source Reveals The 16th Annual Power 30 List

If you are involved with the Hip Hop industry in any capacity, then the name Tony Neal should be familiar to you. When I first got started in his business, I was told "Tony Neal will never talk to you, he's one of the upper executives in this industry and he doesn't speak to just anyone"! Well, I was still curious to learn more about this "untouchable" figure in the business I was working my way into.
Fortunately enough, after a few months of hard work, Kingpin with Team Bigga Rankin, whom is also a Core DJ, became my mentor. Kingpin then took me under his wing and after getting me in line, I was introduced to Tony Neal. During our first conversation, he told me how he IS hard to reach, because many people are not about business, but when he sees real grind and hard work, he reaches out. He also gave me his background story of how he got into this business as a little unknown dj in Milwaukee and worked his way up.
Little over 30 min ago, I received an email from Tony asking me to call him. When I did, I was greeted with excitement and true happiness...he said "Breezy I was named in The Source's most influential list as one of the top 30". I was amazed that after all these years, achievements, and hard work he is still humble. Today we congratulate a true grinder in the Hip Hop Industry, Tony Neal is an inspiration.

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