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Today we touch basis on the fact that some indie artists are making moves, unfortunately those moves are going in the opposite direction. Dealing with various djs, bloggers, and tastemakers it is easy for us to get frustrated because most of the artists today are committing the same mistakes. This blog is going to touch basis on some of the most common and if you can spot it, don’t be a lame, tell your fellow indie artist how to do it correctly.

Mistake number 1: this is a 2 part mistake and probably the most annoying, how you introduce yourself and/or send us music.

PART 1) the social network and the term “NETWORK” itself has made many of you lazy. Do you think that because you know my twitter handle and can mention me, we have become friends? Well, sorry to tell you, you don’t know me. So, in my opinion, don’t just mention me with a link…ACUTALLY NEVER MENTION me with a link, I have VARIOUS ways in which you can submit your content and via twitter is frowned upon. Creating a network is more than just taking pictures at events and following a person online, you have to engage that person. YES, we can network online, but it takes more than a simple follow. 

PART 2) I am going to teach you how to send me your record. First and foremost, do not forget to BCC who you are sending your content to, if you are sending it to various people at once. Why? People will steal your contact list and I, personally HATE to see my email freely posted. Second, have your music tagged properly…It should state your artist name and single name, NOT Track 2. Three, if you feel like introducing yourself, 1 or 2 paragraphs is enough, I DO NOT care to read your entire life story. Last, but not, least send in your artwork for the project or a Hi-Res photo of yourself, not a camera pic.

Mistake number 2: Being ill prepared for appearances or networking events.

Now that you have decided that you are a professional music artist, act accordingly. Stop attending clubs and events just for the purpose of TURNIN UP w/ the homies. You should never leave the house without product, IE. CDS, POSTERS, and other Merchandise. As an artist, I am sure you either have a stage name, ENT, logo, or whatever you want to be recognized as…well start wearing it. Why the hell are spending big bucks rocking Louis, Prada, or whoever else brand, when you’re still trying to get yours noticed. Carry yourself as a superstar and MAYBE one day you will be seen as one. Lastly, the most cost-effective and easy to carry piece of product you should have is a business card. Yes, I thought about the fact that some of us have a small budget, but baby if you can’t afford business cards w/ your social and contact info, STAY HOME that night.

Mistake number 3: Not focusing on the BIG PICTURE

If I were to ask 10 indie artists what their goal is, I bet my entire month’s income that 9 out of 10 would say to get signed. WHY am I so confident? Hell, I’ve asked plenty of artists that question and the majority gives me that same answer. YOU ARE WRONG!!! Your main goal as an artist is to develop a fan base. Did you hear me??? FANBASE. I don’t mean your buddies, who want free tickets and to hop on stage with you and kick it with the groupies. I’m talking legitimate people who will pay to see you perform, who will buy your merchandise, and who will share your music with their friends and family. Building a genuine fan base realistically means that you don’t need a MAJOR label…Don’t believe me, ASK Tech N9ne. Now, I am not trying to make it seem easy, because really, it might be the hardest thing to do, but hell while you’re sitting here chasing a goal, you may as well focus on what’s important.

I could touch on many other mistakes being made, not only by the artists, but also the service providers in the music industry. I will not go into all of them today because hell I know the attention span of most is limited. I leave you with this closing thought, when many people tell you that your way is wrong, stop for a minute and realize they actually are trying to help. Our way of moving might seem to be flowing right along, until we notice that we’re moving in the wrong direction. I would hate to look back in 10 years and see that I am right back where I started from.
Ms. Breezy

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