My Top 3 Music Industry (Professional) Lessons via @IamBreezySays

When I first got started in this business I didn't have anyone to mentor me and tell me the correct way of doing things. Fortunately, my WORK and hunger stood out to some veterans whom took me under their wings and taught me various things I should do or not do in order to succeed in this business. Today, I want to touch basis on some of the lessons I learned along the way.
First and foremost, this is a cut throat industry. For those that are an actual part of it, they know exactly how bad it is. On the outside looking in things are glamorous and full of shiny things, but we know everything that glitters isn’t gold. There are people whom “work” with you with the sole intent of sucking you dry. They want your connections, they want your knowledge, and once they get it, they go after your clientele. The word LOYALTY is a pretty word artists strategically place in songs, but even they are not loyal when it comes to remaining strong with the people that work hard for you. So, lesson one: “stay on your p’s and q’s” and remember, just because others play a dirty game, it doesn’t mean you have to join in.
Secondly, Just because your business offers different services or you FEEL you're better than the next person it doesn't give you the right, power, or justification to knock them down. Everyone starts somewhere and the person you knock down today, may just be the one who you have to reach out to tomorrow. In the words of Kingpin "You can’t be a King or Queen, until you make another King or Queen"! This business, on both the artist’s side and the professionals side is full of people whom you “think” is working, but really someone else is pushing the buttons. You may think Adam is calling the shots, but come to find out Adam is the front man, because the real BOSS wants to remain out of the limelight. So, lesson two: Never think you know the ins and outs of an organization, unless you are a part of that organization AND even being a part of an organization doesn’t guarantee you know what’s really going on.
Third and most importantly, worry about yourself, focus on your goals and stay out of issues that don’t affect you. The reason I say this is the most important is because not everyone has the same goals, therefore, what one considers as success, another may think of as step one. Also, this is an industry where drama, gossip, and envy run rampant, so keeping yourself out of things that don’t directly bother you can save you some headaches and wasted time. So, lesson three: Keep your eyes on YOUR PAPER, “what someone else eats doesn’t make you shit.”
As always, I won’t go into GREAT detail or make the blogs long. Not sure why this was the outcome of my writing, but maybe someone out there needs these 3 lessons. Of course, I could probably write a book, but I leave that to the greats; such as Ms. Wendy Day. This was a BRIEF top 3 for me, because daily I remind myself…Breezy, mind your own business…Breezy, you are only responsible for your clients and services…Breezy, you are different and will not change your values to “succeed”. Hopefully, some of you are inspired, motivated, and enlightened by my short, but EXTRA sweet top 3 list.
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