Hip Hop is in a State of EMERGENCY! By @IamBreezySays

The things that make me mad in this industry are noticed by many pioneers. I was speaking to someone whom has been around for many years and she said that “I have never seen so little money being made in the hip hop industry as I have over the last five years.” We had a very brief conversation about the over saturation and other non-sense that is going on, today I want to speak on it with you all.

Every day you hear people say “damn, everybody wants to be a rapper”…well, nowadays everybody wants fame. The majority of artists of today are not doing it for the money, hell I’d at least understand that. NO!!! The majority of them are doing it for social media likes and “fame”. They will release records based on how many people hit the like button. Really!!! Then have the nerve to get mad when professionals charge for services. I recently had an artist email me telling me he wanted to grow into a brand; I did what I do as a business and sent him a list of services. His reply is that he wanted someone to grow with him. WTF??? My question to you all is, do you approach your light provider, phone provider, or any other service provider and ask to grow with them? C’mon son! 

Now, let me say this, not all these “businesses are legit either.” Everybody is a dj and every chick with an email list is a publicist. So, trust me, it’ not just on the artist end AND yes, even on this side of the spectrum people aren’t even trying to get paid. There are “djs” who will work for a bar tab and some pussy, there are publicists who just don’t want to be called groupies, but really they just want to snap pics and suck dick w/out the stigma of being called a hoe. Well, folks this is the reality of the artists and businesses in the hip hop genre. Why would anyone take us seriously?

Let’s go even deeper and discuss fans…We all know that Justin Bieber, BeyoncĂ©, and Taylor Swift are selling out stadiums and arenas at $100 + each, but how many hip hop acts can you name that have done this. Fans bitch and moan about paying $30 or more to see an act at the local club in their city. How many hip hop singles do you see on the charts, how many albums do you see there??? Compare those figures to the other genres. Would you as a business spend time and money on a genre that isn’t producing you as much return as the next?

So, in closing…take a genre where the artists, businesses, and fans are not taking it seriously or appreciating it, then why should people who care nothing for it? We can’t blame people for treating us as less than if we don’t hold ourselves to higher standards or produce better quality. The exploited genre is really the genre that has low self-esteem and is unwilling to require more. We don’t demand better or are willing to give better, but we want others to look at us in the same regard as those who do? Let’s be real about things, when we start to treat ourselves as a genre that is about our business, then maybe the rest of the music industry will start to see us as such. 

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