The Hip Hop Industry 2013 DOPE GAME pt. 2 #FedsIsWatchin by @iambreezysays

Last week we discussed the lower levels of the dope game (Corner Boys, Fiends, Licks, and Jack Boys) and how the music industry has these exact same levels. Artists are the Corner Boys, Fiends are the fans, Licks are the misinformed artists, and lastly we talked about how the fake businesses that constantly pop up are the music industries Jack Boys. 

Well, now it’s time to raise the bar a little and go into the next level of the Dope Game. Today we talk Snitches, Police, and the Feds.

If you don’t know what a snitch is, 1. This may not make any sense to you at all and 2. Your parents did a terrible job while you were growing up LOL…I KID, I KID! Anyways, in the dope game snitches are the ones whom either run tell that for no reason, or they run tell that to take the heat of them (making deals). In the music industry we have what people call “haters”. Only thing is people like to label anyone who doesn’t like, appreciate, or respect what they do as a hater. Honestly, some of the music industry snitches are actually good people trying to help the licks not get taken, but 9 xs out of 10, a lick gon be got regardless. Now, just like the streets, there are the real life snitches who throw one person under the bus so people stop looking at all the bullshit they’re doing. Stay on your P’s and Q’s…not everyone that talks ill of someone is a hater; some just know better and are trying to help you. In this business, just like in life, you must look past what you see, research, and fact check.

If you have snitches, you damn sure have to have the police, right??? Hell yea! Well, the hip hop industry police are the dumbasses who sit and people watch all damn day. They waiting for you to slip so they can flash they lights on ya and put you in the “jailhouse” paper. They are useless, but feel big because they have the support of other dumbasses that are doing nothing, but people watch. These people are what I call leeches. They don’t really like you or want to fuck with you, but they do it because they want to be affiliated. They have no real persona, they flip flop to what’s convenient and fits the hype of the week. Be aware, they seem as if they are there to serve a purpose, but usually they are people who really can’t do shit, but because some gave them power or a voice, they use it to their advantage.

Now, who the hell are the FEDS??? Real talk, the feds are the major labels boo. Why??? Well, they don’t want you if you’re on the corner, they let the police and snitches deal with you. They are only after the ones making real money. Feds want the ones that have real fiends (fans). They are after the suppliers of the game. You ever seen the feds arrest a nobody??? Don’t expect labels to sign a no noise artist. Now, hell yea I’d rather do fed time, then county. If you know like I know, fed prison is something like a summer camp, well if you compare it to the other options. SO, look at it like this, yea you gon be living good and chillin, but you still gon have to abide by their rules and you still got to clock in on their time. You will work that advance off or get a LIFE sentence.

As always let me stop right here, this is the shipment for the week. Breezy got more drugs for the streets coming next week. I might go in deeper with the two levels we spoke on OR I might go into the Pimps N Ho’s… IDK, but trust me, if you see it in the streets, you can apply it to the Hip Hop industry.
Ms.Breezy (The Supplier) OVER N OUT

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