The Hip Hop Industry 2013 Dope Game pt. 3 #PLUGS via @IamBreezySays

Hello everyone, I’m back with the next installment of our series. Being that we spoke on (Corner Boys, Fiends, Licks, and Jack Boys) today we will talk about plugs. As I stated before, it’s levels to this shit and I am breaking it all down.

Let’s start off by observing that everyone calls themselves a PLUG in the Hip Hop industry, isn’t that a funny coincidence that PLUGS are also the title given to many in the dope game. Well, to clarify to the people whom are not aware of what a PLUG is, in laymen terms, a plug is someone who can get you what you want relatively easy or for a good price (aka CONNECT). If you recall the corner boys are the artists, so the plug is basically the one servicing the corners. In the music industry, PLUGS are the ones whom direct you or help you get to where you are trying to go. Now, how effective a plug is depends on their contacts.

Please note that some PLUGS in this business are simply middlemen. What’s the difference you say? Well, in my opinion, a middleman is one who orchestrates the moves, but does not really touch the product. This is by no means an easy thing to do, know why? The reason is the middleman has to create relationships w/ the corner boys, as well as, the ones doing the work. Prices and deals are made, work is checked, and if this middleman did their job correctly everyone wins in the end.

This industry baffles me though because many artists fail to realize that a PLUG is only as good as their reach. Meaning, some people can only get you known on your corner, you will be the KING of your block, but please don’t get carried away and go to another block thinking they know you there…THEY DON’T. Is it bad? Hell no! Limitations do not make someone bad, but false hope and pretending to be bigger than you really are, to me, is terrible. Now, that being said, everyone starts somewhere, seldom will a person come into this business and be at the top easily.

There are some people who may refer to me as a plug…I do not accept that title. As of this moment, I see myself as an OUTLET. WHY? Many PLUGS come to me for assistance and I either provide what they need or link them with a supplier. There are artists out there who have become PLUGS themselves and do not need to utilize one, but they don’t have access to suppliers. My goal is to one day be a SUPPLIER and that is what I work towards diligently. (*for this series I do refer to myself as the supplier, because I am supplying you with knowledge)

Next week we will go into detail about whom the SUPPLIERS are and why they are so important to the Hip Hop industry.

Ms. Breezy (The Supplier) OVER N OUT
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