The Hip Hop Industry is the 2013 DOPE GAME pt. 1 by @iambreezysays

The Hip Hop Industry has become something straight out the block. Let’s start at the lower level and work our way to the top!

The New Dope Game (Corner Boys, Fiends, Licks, Jack Boys)

As I was coming up I was introduced to the dope game. I wasn’t participating in it, but I was right there on the front lines watching it as things went down (won’t speak too much on that though). I believe that is one of the reasons many people gravitate towards me, I know the unspoken code and I live by many of those rules. The similarity between The Dope Game and The Hip Hop industry is so uncanny that it has compelled me to start a series. Hope you all enjoy and learn.
The thing about the dope game is a lot of young men get involved for the same reasons; they get frustrated with their family financial situation, they don’t have the knowledge to do anything else, or they just want to fit in with their friends. (For this blog I am speaking of your regular corner boy and not at the high level). If you look at today’s music scene many jump into the industry for these same reasons. The HUGE difference is, the dope game doesn’t require you to find customers, and fiends are always looking for a corner boy. The music business will only work if you build a fan base and that makes it harder to make money and change your situation for the better. I’ve seen people spend 100’s and 1000’s of dollars and end up worse than when they started. WHY??? Well, that is because there are a lot of business people whom don’t know what they hell they are doing, but they talk a good game.

The music industry has opened its door for the “intellectual hustler” to rob you; it’s as easy as taking candy from a baby. The reason why so many businesses pop up and disappear is because a smart person looking for a come up see’s the hungry new artist that doesn’t know any better and preys on their ignorance. Sorry to tell you baby, but in the Dope Game, you are what we call a LICK and these businesses are the new found JACK BOYS. Artists, for the majority of the time depend on the social network to “show” them who is working. Unfortunately, the social network is the greatest deceiving tool ever created. Sadly, most of the people working don’t have time to post online 24/7. Artists need to search for real resumes…before paying someone; ask them to show you previous work, ask them for proposals, contracts, and a client list. These are just a few things that may help you from becoming a target.

The Dope Game has a lot of levels and is way more intricate then some people give it credit for. The music industry is no different. It’s LEVELS TO THIS SHIT!!!! The suppliers play a major part, but I will leave my DOPE GAME alone for today…don’t wanna be labeled a snitch! Stay Tuned though, never know what kind of new drug (knowledge) I will transport from overseas.

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