[Single] Front Street (@FrontStree) ft Trudo (@IamTrudo) - Say Sumin

"If it doesn't make sense to me, then I can't do it;" a memorable line introduced on the upcoming mixtape, All Gas No Brakes, is a motto Trudo has been living by ever since an early age.

Raised in Memphis, TN, [Dayron] Trudo has been influenced by positive figures like his grandmother, his parents, and the highly successful Earvin “Magic” Johnson, a public figure who he strives to model his career as an entrepreneur after. His father, a restaurant manager and his mother, an IRS employee, displayed what hard work and determination was, which in return, led to his hustle and grind mentality. Whether it was cutting hair at ten years old or washing dishes at a local Shoney's at 13, Trudo developed a dedicated work ethic that would follow him into his adult life.

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