[Video] Total Kaos (@TotalKaos) - Somethin Aint Rite #JusticeForKJ

Kendrick Johnson's story is a reminder that if we are not careful, history will repeat itself. There have been various "mysterious" deaths and murders going on as far back as one can remember. Why has society become accustomed to seeing death? Why is everything being swept under the rug? Why have we become comfortable with just posting a status discussing our outrage, yet we present no action behind it? Well, Total Kaos will not become another person without a voice. He continues to use his talent to showcase his dismay at the things happening around him. Kendrick Johnson's case, fortuately was picked up by the Fed's and is being investigated on a greater scale. This video shows that MANY people, esp Kendrick Johnson's
parents, are no longer willing to just sit back and be taken advantage of, abused, and MURDERED with nobody being held accountable for these vicious and heinous acts. "Somethin' Ain't Right" and Total Kaos will puts a voice behind it. Watch this video and take a stand, in the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." #JusticeForKJ

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