[Single] Blakk Katt (@Blakk_Katt) ft Que (@WhoIsQue) - I Can Tell (Neva Eva)

style="text-align: center;">Blakk Katt (@Blakk_Katt) ft Que (@WhoIsQue) - I Can Tell (Neva Eva)

Blakk Katt was born in Frankfurt Germany, on June 14, 1987. His father was in the army and mother a housewife, so his family moved in and out of the country. His parents divorced in 1993 in which his father took Blakk Katt and his brothers to live with him in Panama, Germany and kept them there until 1995. His parents divorce was the beginning of many difficult times. For almost 2 years, Blakk Katt didn’t get to see his mother, which was very hard on him. His mother was able to get them back in 1995 and they moved to Munford, AL close to her hometown Talladega, AL. With Blakk Katt’s Mother being a single parent raising 5 children, they experienced a lot of hard times.

Blakk Katt always had a love for music so at the age of 15 he started rapping to clear his mind and escape his surroundings. At the time his name was Black Cat and he rapped with a friend called Firecracker, it didn’t last long. In the same year, he changed the spelling of his name to Blakk Katt, he and two other friends started the rap group called Bad Influence. Performing and lasting for nearly 2 years, Bad Influence almost had an opportunity to get signed. But being in a group setting wasn’t working out for the best, and especially for Blakk Katt. So at 17 he decided to go solo but was still more interested in hustling than music at the time. He still performed and recorded, releasing his first mixtape Trap Talk in 2009 and the single Mama’s House in 2011, with various songs in between.

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