[News] Natalac Says “Ain’t Nothing Like A Pimp That’s Pimping”

Born Sheldon Davis, on August 25th, 1974 in Jacksonville Florida, Natalac was destined for

greatness. After being introduced to HipHop at a tender age, Natalac’s motivation spiraled into

a lifelong aspiration. Although it’s hard for a “PIMP” to get a breakthrough in the music

industry, Natalac proves himself to be very ambitious.

With a strong desire and determination for success, Natalac launched his own record label

“Natalac Records”. Natalac knew that in order for a rapper to become successful, he must be

passionate, hardworking, focused and consistent. The aspiring rapper, fashions himself with an

original pimp swag, unique sound and delivery; his music is based on true events and he

orchestrates the pimp lifestyle vividly.

Being a business man with a military background, Natalac was very politically inclined. In the

year 2000, Natalac released "Fire in Florida". The song was a lyrical attack on “George W.

Bush” in the presidential election. Natalac raised the issue of “voter infringement”, which was

one of the biggest talks of the decade. Many Americans accuses George W. Bush and Jeb Bush,

then governor of Florida, of falsifying votes in the presidential election. Natalac went on to

release a 17 track album, titled “Do Whacha No U Shud”.

Natalac is known for his BET hit “Pimp of the City” and he leveled the playing field throughout

the years. Once a “Pimp”, always a “Pimp”; Natalac recently released his official music video

for “Aint Nothin Like a (Pimp thats Pimpin)” and the feedback has been tremendous.

The Pimp of HipHop, Natalac, has proven himself to be passionate, hardworking, focused and

consistent. Fans and well-wishers are in for a big treat; Natalac released his 9th album, titled

"There is only one Natalac so Google me" on March 25th, 2014. One may tune in to Natalac’s

music and videos at the following:






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