[Video] Gin X (@Ginx_MDS) - Silicone

The world of art was waiting on Gin X. THE multi-talented hip-hop and pop recording artist who doubles as a revolutionary indie film maker. She honed her skills and perfected her craft writing unforgettable lyrics that spoke life in the rhythm of a rhyme to a beat that she aptly named music. But because of challenges and setbacks beautiful women face in the music industry she decided to put a hold on that part of her art for the moment. It wasn’t until two years later that she would find her passion for film and deliver the visual beauty that is “Queen Pin”. Her hit Indie film even received store wide distribution for the powerful storyline. Now Gin X is back in the booth. Pushing new single "Silicone" for all women with a little more assets. That are so curvy it looks unreal.

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