[Single] FK - Don't Know How To Act

Keith Wallace aka Full Klip (@FullKlip35), was born in the heart of Miami FL. Just like most young black men he dreamed of leaving his mark on the world. However, one bad decision at the age of fourteen took his life on a six-year detour behind bars. The confinement of bars could not rob him of his dream. In fact, this isolation from society allowed him to fine tune his skills as a rapper. Whatever greatness God instills in you can't no prison take from you unless you allow them to. He didn't waste anytime, getting into the rapping arena. He hit every avenue that was at his fingertips. He had to get his voice out in the community and this was one vehicle he used. While at Live & Let Live Record, he recorded over a hundred songs. Like a doctor is to medicine, Full Klip is to rap music, he makes the mind think, the body move and spirit yearn for a better tomorrow.

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