[Single] Yung Yung Pallo - Feel Like U Hatin

Passionate About Living Life Optimistic is the acronym for the local artist who goes by Yung Yung Pallo (@YungYungPallo), which originates from the word "Apollo". Born in Hollywood, FL, but raised in the streets of 941 Pallo music has inspirational street soul that has yet been heard. Some label him the Nipsey Hussle of Florida. One of his proudest moments thus far was when he placed his single "One Day" on the top video website for Hip Hop Artists today "WorldStar Hip Hop" which quickly grew in views; which is over 1.5 million to date. With the popularity of his music rapidly growing he landed a featured artist spot on and became City Stage artist of the month with Band-Alism Music Group. Today we are pleased to present his latest track "Feel Like U Hatin". All of us have been there before, you know the feeling that someone just does not vibe with you or is envious of what you have going on. Well, Yung Yung Pallo w/ the blazing production by Shardy Pantz has captured this feeling through sound. Download, Listen, Support, and Play it today.

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