Artist Spotlight on Samuel Vaden (@SirVaden)

VADEN (real name Samuel Vaden) is a Music Artist/Songwriter/Poet and a Model/Actor from Los Angeles, CA.

Samuel was born outside of Atlanta, GA to a French-Canadian, professionally-trained vocal performer mother and a military officer father from Texas, Raised primarily in Newport News, VA, with stints in Washington, DC, NYC, Miami and Atlanta, Samuel absorbed the culture, diversity, music identity and rhythm of each of these cities to create his own sound and personal style.

Over the course of two and half decades, Samuel has gained unique life experiences that have refined his music, songwriting, poetry, modeling, acting and entrepreneurial endeavors. From serving in the US Army at West Point, to cooking authentic Jamaican food for 3 years under Ralph Lauren's personal chef, to traveling extensively to Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Spain, St. Marteen and Canada, to selling real estate in Miami, FL & Los Angeles, CA, to co-founding a company in Silicon Beach (Santa Monica, CA), to modeling for TOMS and Boris Khjoe on the Kris Jenner show, appearing in a Justin Timberlake video and much more.

His life is literally fodder for books, movie scripts and music. He hopes to bring that "mosaic" of life experiences to the masses as well as to record label/management agency where he can be a real triple threat - creating amazing music (artist/publishing), booking modeling/acting gigs (TV/Film/Commercial) and developing business/entrepreneurial opportunities. He is also a luxury real estate professional and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA and Miami, FL.
His first push is the release of his first single "Poppin' The Ground".

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