[Single] Law G (@LawG100) - I Need That

Law G (@LawG100) aka Good Life Music Group’s “Secret Weapon”, is unlike what anyone is used to. Law G was born in Cameroon, Africa and spent his younger years in Kumba, a neighborhood often referred to as “the gutter.” At the age of six, he embarked on a journey to Atlanta, which helped mold him into the man and artist he is today. Law G is passionate about being an artist because of the allowance it gives him to express himself and hopes to one day take care of his family via his passion. Good Life Music Group leaked a track titled “No Mexico” by Law G in late 2014 and ever since then the streets, industry, and fans have been requesting and anticipating his official release.

“I Need That” which is produced by TBlack The Hitmaker is here to satisfy the requests and turn non-believers into certified fans. The beginning of the track gives us a build that seriously shocks us because Law G comes out the gate like a beast that has finally broke free from his leash. “I Need That” has already made its way to mixtapes and mixshows because the djs knew after hearing it once that it was a must break record. Law G is a man of few words and he is probably one of the calmest persons you will ever meet, but do not let that give you a false ideology of who he is an artist, as he states “The industry is always looking for something new and fresh, and I believe that the energy that I bring, with my sound and word play, I can stand out.” “I Need That” is the perfect example of what the industry needs and so we are more than happy to provide you with the first club banger of 2015.

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