[Single] Stacey P (@Iamstaceyp) - Loaded

Stacey P (@Iamstaceyp) is from Atlanta, Georgia and grew up on the westside better known as "Bankhead", as well as "Flatland". He grew up listening to a lot of Southern rap music such as; Pastor Troy, ludacris, 8 Ball, 3six mafia lil Jon, shop boys and T.I. which kept him hype. He has always had major love for music, but he didn't start off rapping. He wanted to write poems and share them with everyone, until he was introduced to making music. Stacey P learned how to play the piano at 12 and began playing songs by ear, then he started playing drums. By the time he was in high school he was making beats from a Yamaha keyboard at home. At that point he started to take his music seriously. Seeing that there was a lot of competition he became discouraged and fell back on music, that was until he ran across a few friends (Rob Hunter & Cassius Cain) that believed in his art and were willing to help him push myself. Along with a few come ups and hustles of he own he was able to finance his own studio time and engineering, soon after he began to make song after song until he came up with "They Like" ft Hustle Montana and that is truly where the journey began.

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