[Single] Money Scorseze (@MScorseZe) - The Gang

Who is Money Scorseze (@MScorseZe)
Life is complex, and oftentimes, it's not just painted with black and white but with many shades of grey. This truth is reflected in my music. Like the late great Tupac Shakur, I find myself torn between two twins of myself. It's the human condition; that’s what I write in my music. That is the honesty that I think is lacking in music right now. Putting unnecessary pressure on all of us to live lies lost in fantasy. We are all not one thing all of the time. We laugh we cry, we pray we get high. That is why I think my music resonates with my fans because like them, it shows that people are complex individuals, who are never as simple as a selfie. Allow me to introduce my world to your world.
I was born in Columbus, Ohio, Raised in the days of the golden age of Rap, as they call it. I caught the back-end of it but I was fortunate enough to catch the wave at that time. Rap music identified with me because it was loud and boisterous like I was. The competitive nature identified with mine. I like the word play of the rhymes, and schemes in the music. Complexities in music are what keep it interesting for me. I never took the music very serious because I was not planning on living that long honestly. Caught up in a destructive whirlwind, my own demons pushed me the wrong direction. Gangs, drugs, fights, guns, blades, you name it, that was my environment. Like every kid that grew up in a single parent home I lacked discipline and direction. Hopeless I thought it was pointless to make plans for a life I didn't value. It would take me coming close to death for me to re-evaluate my decisions.
After being shot in the face I saw that my life must have value as I felt God had spared me. I felt like for once I was given a gift I hadn't deserved. I had gotten a second chance to start a new. I went onto build on the family I had started young. I was determined to give to them what I didn’t have. A stable environment which to grow and become confidence in not only my abilities but in my very existence.
Time passes and family life was great... But I was still unfulfilled. I had tried to drown out the music that still played in my head. I wasn't ungrateful at my second chance; it was more or less I was incomplete. I was still being drawn to create. After my father was murdered we relocated too Atlanta to start a new course. New place, new home, new opportunities. I did not financially need music, but I needed music. The music was therapy too me. It helped for me to tell the stories that I lived and the things that I witnessed.

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