Spotlight on Crizzy The King

Crizzy the King, born Donnie Watson, of Greensboro, NC grew up in a broken home. With both parents on drugs and neglecting to raise any of their children, he was passed from home to home until settling in with his great grand mother at the age of 7. Lacking focus, discipline, motivation and a positive role model, trouble was no stranger to Crizzy. At the age of 11 he was on the verge of being submitted back to the system when he found his purpose in art and music. Filled with such emotions and thoughts, Crizzy would express himself by writing them in rhymes on anything he could get his hands on and post them on the wall along with drawings he drew and posters of artist in the industry he admired. Crizzy started recording in 2012 and with his hunger and grind has made a name for himself in Greensboro, NC and the surrounding cities. After many features and a few singles released, Crizzy has recorded and released his first EP Troubled Man Cold Hearted which features his singles Go get it and Been Ready feat Monte Ray. This is just the beginning! Look for more to come from this young independent artist in the year to come.

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