[Mixtape] TakeMoneyHeed - Havin Sumn To Say (Hosted by Samhoody)

You have heard so much about him Now you can hear from him.... The Yung King of the Southside "TakeMoneyHeed" needs y'all to push play because he straight be "HAVINSUMNTOSAY" patchin with $AMHOODY to discuss his hood politcs, gettin money, women, an the thoughts of a young king.... So roll up, light up, po up, whatever you do & an listen to what TakeMoneyHeed has to say....

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01 TakeMoneyHeed Checks in/ TakeMoneyHeed - Havin Sumn To Say
02 TakeMoneyHeed - King Of The SouthSide
03 TakeMoneyHeed - Poppin
04 TakemoneyHeed - Get It
05 TakeMoneyHeed - Go For The Money
06 TakeMoneyHeed Speaks/ TakeMoneyHeed - It Aint NUN
07 TakeMoneyHeed - Back Down
08 TakeMoneyHeed - Gang Shit
09 TakeMoneyHeed ft. DoonieGotit MoneyQuezz & StepDogg - Go Crazy
10 TakeMoneyHeed - Working Me One
11 TakeMoneyHeed - Red Light
12 TakeMoneyHeed - Young nigga/ Outro
Kick with him on a daily via TWITTER @TakeMoneyHeed IG @takegod an patch with $amhoody via Twitter @samhoody IG sam.hoody

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