[Single] VerseBorn ft Smooth Da Truth - Stressed Out

@VerseBorn returns from an Eastern European hiatus to stoke up the #TeamKonQuest campfire once more along side the verbal assassin Smooth Da Truth. Together they deliver "Stressed Out", a westcoast type banger produced by the vivacious VerseBorn himself.

"Stressed Out" gives us a taste of the spicy and radical undertones derived throughout the daily lives of complex individuals as experienced first hand by the illustrious emcees. The sentiments of the track can be felt and understood by listeners across the globe as they drop a barrage of bars over the beat.

The @KonQuestNow frontman @VerseBorn, and the AZ heavy hitter Smooth Da Truth, shine with brilliance as they balance wit, charisma and life experiences in such a way that continues to reel the listener in.

Take a listen to "Stressed Out" and let #TeamKonquest help to extinguish some of the pent up stress accumulated during the daily excursions of a busy lifestyle!

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