Artist To Watch: King Moneyy

You don't know who King Moneyy is? You should! Meet the Brownsville Brooklyn native who has been quietly making his way up the ladder. Recently under his own imprint King Lyfe Entertainment, the dexterous flow of King Moneyy and his successes have been getting louder. With the release of the single "All I Know" the former battle rapper started to prove his song making craftsmanship and gained momentum. Leading up to this milestone he has appeared in an abundance of heavy weight rap battles online with one of his hard fought victories being aired live on Pay Per View as well as an appearance on . In surplus to this feat he's also racked up close to half a million views thru his battles as well as appearing on the prestigious URL battle circuit. Showing flashes of a long promising career, he has independently shot and released over 7 videos. The latest single, "She Only" feat. Dimez has been picking up steam. He has garnered local recognition for his work ethic and ability as a natural entertainer. The temperament as a veteran rookie provides the rising star with the capacity to be the next artist executive entrepreneur. You can hold your breath... Its coming soon!!! King Moneyy.

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Connect w/ King Moneyy:
Instagram: King__Moneyy
FaceBook: Nathaniel Butler

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