[Video] Ach Zamar - Where Can We Go

Who is Ach Zamar?

Popularly known as Ach Zamar, is a mixed spectrum of a singer, songwriter, and astute producer is enthusiastic about transforming lives through good music. Over the years, the self-taught musician and multi-instrumentalist, has lived up to the hype, representing his name, ‘Zamar’ meaning, “Make music in praise of the most high.”
Born to music, Zamar has had a flair for music from a tender age. He wrote his first song at the age of twelve. Surprisingly, the musical genius even had an affinity for music even as a toddler as he started playing instruments at age three. As he grew, he upped his game by becoming deeply rooted in his craft. Zamar’s musicality is evident in his ability to create thought-provoking, reflective, and meaningful music.
Driven to create peerless music, he has thoughtfully used music as a means to advocate for the black community. Having witnessed firsthand, the gruesome nature of the world, Zamar is moved to create an awareness through soul-piercing music. In these dark moments where little hope is being offered by the government and relevant authorities, His latest single, “Where Can We Go” is an inspirational, soulful, and refreshing track which is directed to the Hebrew Israelites to help them find their way back home. “Where can we go” hints on the black Hebrew Israelites in the bible who were trying to find their way back home and was produced by YAHKAL ENTERTAINMENT GROUP INC., a unique music label and film production company that is passionately empowering people with what they create and truly making one feel motivated to go after what he or she loves. Ach Zamar’s music is full of life, hope, and energy.
Ach Zamar has tremendously contributed to the music industry, not living his passion for helping people behind. Personally, he is hyper-creative, ingenious, and ornamented with a self-motivated personality. The world can expect more good music from Ach Zamar.

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