Jean D’eau - Living ‘By the Code’

If you’ve been paying to Atlanta’s music scene over the past year, the west side, particularly the West End, has been making a lot of noise.

Ralo and the whole Famerica Records has been leading the way and one of their break out artists is the streets own Jean D’eau.

After releasing Who is Jean D’eau to much acclaim, he follows up with an album ready single, ‘By the Code’.

The new single flaunts his lyrical prowess and offers content that really makes the audience listen.

Not to mention, the smooth production gives you something you can ride to making it a perfect follow up single.

For people unfamiliar with Jean D’eau, this will introduce you to an artist with a story worth listening to.

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Last year all eyes were on Ralo and the Famerica Team after they continued to make news for their unjust run ins with the law while on tour.

But Jean D’eau is here to prove that they live and move by a certain code. ‘By the Code’ spells it out in musically, but in real life the entire label is not only dedicated to the music but doing something positive for the community.

It’s still early in the year, so fast forward a few months and we should be expecting a new project.

Until then, visit to hear the new single and to catch up on his tour vlogs, and more.

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Connect w/ Jean D'eau:

Instagram: famerica_jeandeau

Twitter: @iamjeandeau

Youtube: Jeandeautv


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