[Video] Riverman - Belifian - Something This Way Comes Promo 2018

Formed sometime during 2017, Riverman plays folkish and dark rock music. The band hails from the darker and colder parts of the globe (Finland) which inevitably shows in their music. Riverman is a combination of musical beauty and ugliness. Humble yet proud. Simple but meaningful.

The band members all have a strong background in metal music (in bands like D Creation, Edgebound and Karmaking). Riverman is no stranger to heavier elements, though the main focus is in the more raw, emotional and fragile side of things.

Riverman welcomes all, if you are down for some nice and melancholic rock music!

Band members:

Heidi Wahl: Vocals, Keys, Piano
Jesse Jukuri: Guitars, Background stuff
Jan Jokinen: Cello, Background vocals

Connect w/ The Band:



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